Tuesday, 17 March 2020


A warm quiet darkness. A joyous nothing is happening here.

Night time sound recording at the base of Meldon Hill this evening.

Monday, 16 March 2020


First chiffchaff in song this morning, Padley Common by Chagford. The turning of the year setting the birds in motion.


These are such strange days.

Self-isolating should be a pleasure; a quiet walk on the Moor, in the woods, by the river. A chance to breathe, a chance to be quiet, to just sit perhaps. To gain perspective, or be with the nothingness. To let the breeze and song move across the skin.

How odd that such isolation now becomes a necessity for darker reasons.

Lisa Schneidau and I will be trying this year to record daily the progress of spring and summer from the spaces and silences that surround us, and share them here.

The first here is a recording made in War Cleave Wood to the north west of Chagford, our home. The rushing sound is the River Teign.

Feel free to download - these are all commons. Shared with love.